advantage of using drysol

Advantages of Using Drysol Many people suffer from sweating profusely with no apparent reason, and commercial deodorants and antiperspirants just aren’t able to effectively treat the problem. While those products can mask localized symptoms, they are unable to keep excess moisture from recurring within moments. Drysol has been formulated to tackle the problem where it begins, and consumers have found that it to be highly effective, often after a single application or two. Drysol has also been found to be both safe and convenient to use. Drysol Treats the Underlying Cause Of all the advantages of using Drysol, the number one benefit is that it is able to correct faulty communications in the body that are the underlying cause of hyperhydrosis, or excessive sweating. Often individuals notice that they are sweating for no apparent reason. It is not excessively hot and there are no emotional stressors or bouts of strenuous exercise to cause such copious amounts of sweat to start literally pouring out of the body. The reason for this is found to be the result of faulty triggers from the sympathetic nervous system, and the active ingredient, Aluminum Chloride appears to be able to intercept those faulty triggers. Whereas commercial antiperspirants simply dry sweat locally for brief moments, Drysol inhibits the production of such excessive amounts of perspiration. Safety of Drysol Another of the advantages of using Drysol is the fact that it is just as safe as it is effective. There are no known side effects that would be considered dangerous, and it is infinitely safer than the surgical procedure that has traditionally been used to correct the situation. The only slight annoyance is that some people experience a slight tingling or burning sensation immediately after application, but it is short lived, and no different than what can be expected from OTC antiperspirants. There are two ingredients in the formulation and neither is known to cause any serious side effects whatsoever. Aluminum Chloride is the active ingredient in a base of alcohol that is also safe. Doctors have been prescribing Drysol for years and consumers have reported amazing results with no adverse reactions. Drysol Offers Convenience One of the usual problems with antiperspirants is that they need to be re-applied several times throughout the day when suffering from hyperhydrosis. Of all the advantages of using Drysol, the greatest advantage to many consumers is the fact that Drysol only needs to be applied to clean, dry skin just before bedtime. And, it gets even better. Drysol is only applied initially each night for 1 to 3 days, and then it is followed up weekly once or twice. Simply wash it off in the morning and go about your daily hygiene routine. Deodorant or antiperspirant can be applied after Drysol is washed away. In fact, many consumers have found that they are able to start using simple deodorant for the first time in their lives. Because hyperhydrosis affects other areas of the body, Drysol is formulated in mild to super strengths. The 6.5% solution is ideal for the face, hands and soles of the feet, while the 20% extra strength formulation is perfect for underarms. It can be ordered conveniently online and will arrive within days. Prices vary with packages, but the best bargains are available when ordering several bottles at once.