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Drysol Ingredients Whenever seeking to understand what sets one product apart from others, the first place to start should always be with the ingredients from which it is formulated. Drysol is truly astonishing in that there is only one key active ingredient responsible for such amazingly effective results. As a matter of fact, it is this one key ingredient that sets it so far ahead of any other product formulated for the treatment of excessive sweating. Key Active Ingredient in Drysol Ingredients Drysol ingredients consist of one active ingredient and one base ingredient which are used as an astringent/base. Aluminum chloride is the active ingredient, and formulations come in 20% and 6.5% solutions. Alcohol is used as a base for the solution not only to stabilize the active ingredient, but because it is also a remarkable astringent. Alcohol is also a truly effective antibacterial. Aluminum Chloride in the formulation puts a stop to moisture while alcohol treats the cause of underarm odor being so repugnant. The combination of those two simple ingredients is the secret to Drysol’s success. Benefits of Using Drysol with Aluminum Chloride While there are several benefits that must be considered, the main advantage to using Drysol with Aluminum Chloride is that it need only be applied sparingly before bedtime. With all other antiperspirants, it becomes necessary to apply them several times throughout the course of a day. In fact, Drysol is so effective that it only needs 1 to 3 nightly treatments in the beginning, with follow-up treatments once or twice per week over the long run. Because it is applied to clean, dry underarms just before bedtime, there is no danger of staining good clothing. While it may stain night clothes, it has no more potential to do so than those obnoxious antiperspirants that leave horrid brown stains on the armpits of all your best shirts. Understanding What Drysol Active Ingredients Do Because Drysol only has one key active ingredient, many consumers don’t quite understand what it exactly is. It should be understood that Drysol is not an antiperspirant/deodorant. Rather, Aluminum Chloride works by treating the root cause of the problem, which is a flaw in the sympathetic nervous system. Normal antiperspirants just try to dry the localized area and prevent odors from developing. Drysol with Aluminum Chloride seeds to treat the sympathetic nervous system to prevent excessive sweating altogether. It is applied at night to clean dry arms, and washed off in the morning. This is in direct opposition to the normal application methods normally utilized to control perspiration. The simplicity of Drysol could be misleading. Don’t let the fact that Drysol only contains one active ingredient deter you from the realization that it is the number one recommended treatment of any product on the market for hyperhydrosis. Although there are surgical procedures, Drysol with Aluminum Chloride is the only product with a proven track record of success short of surgery.