Drysol Manufacturer

One of the first things that consumers should do before using new products is to research the manufacturers. It is highly impossible to make a well informed decision as to whether or not a product is safe or effective until the people who make it are investigated. With this in mind, because there are so many great things being said about both the safety and effectiveness of Drysol in treating excessive perspiration, it is necessary to understand a little about the people behind the product.

About the Drysol Manufacturer

The manufacturer of Drysol, Person & Covey, is a California based company that has been in business for almost 70 years. Originally started by Lorne V. Person in 1941, the company has continued to work closely with doctors and pharmacists throughout the years to provide cutting-edge treatments, particularly in the areas of dermatology and sun protection. The founder was a chemist who had a vision to bring revolutionary products to doctors and their patients. Each and every product manufactured by Person & Covey is carefully crafted so that even individuals with the most sensitive skin can take advantage of marvelous treatments. For generations the family of this visionary chemist has kept the name synonymous with integrity, and they continue to provide outstanding health and beauty products.

Drysol Manufacturer – About the Product

In keeping with their tradition of excellence, Person & Covey formulated a solution to hyperhydrosis, or excessive sweating, which is as innovative as it is effective. Drysol is unlike antiperspirants in the literal sense as it does not seek to mask the unpleasant symptoms. It is a revolutionary formulation that actually treats the sympathetic nervous system so that it is not triggered, through some unknown biological action, to cause copious amounts of sweat from being secreted. Drysol is applied to clean, dry skin at bedtime and washed off in the morning. Most often results are realized within a couple of days and the treatments can be repeated once or twice weekly thereafter. In the morning, after washing, deodorant can be applied as usual.

How to Buy Drysol

Many consumers question if it is possible to buy products direct from the Drysol manufacturer. Actually, while Drysol is available in prescription strength, it can also be obtained from online distributors for significant savings. There are several size packages which can be purchased, and greater discounts are offered on larger packages. Also, Drysol is available in mild to extra strength formulations. Because there are various strengths and package sizes available, it is in the best interest of consumers to take the time to read the product page of the distributor who is offering the product for sale. While it is true that it lasts a long time, many consumers are choosing larger shipments to take advantage of the bulk-order discount.

Before trying any new products, it is always a good idea to understand both the product itself, and the people who manufacture the product. Person & Covey, the manufacturer of Drysol have been in business for the better part of a quarter of a century and have established a name for providing cutting-edge, quality products. This is one product that consumers can feel confident in trying.