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How to Use Active Drysol Hyperhydrosis, or excessive sweating as it is commonly referred to, has been diagnosed in approximately 1% of the population. Unfortunately, it is probably more realistic to state that as many as 10% of the population may suffer from profuse perspiration with no apparent cause. Drysol has been prescribed by doctors for a number of years now, and it is known to be safe and effective. There are a host of consumer reviews online that testify to both the efficacy and safety of the product, but there are few things that consumers should understand. Of primary consideration is how to use active drysol. Step One: Clean and Dry Area The first thing to understand about the use of drysol ingredients is that it only needs to be applied to clean, dry skin just prior to going to bed. It is recommended that Drysol not be applied to broken skin, and it should not be applied immediately after shaving the underarms. Simply wash the area with mild soap and rinse well. Pat the area dry. In fact, make absolutely certain that all moisture is dried prior to application. Step Two: Dab on Small Amount Next it is vital to understand how to use Drysol when applying it. Unlike deodorants or antiperspirants, it simply needs to be gently dabbed on. There is no need to rub it in. Common advice from consumers is that it is best to allow it to dry prior to putting on pajamas or a night shirt. Although it has no more tendencies to stain than regular deodorants, it is best to let the full effects set in prior to getting dressed. Step Three: Wash Off in the Morning Another of the things to consider when learning how to use Drysol, is that it needs to be thoroughly washed off in the morning prior to applying deodorant. Also, if using the milder solution for face, hands, and the soles of feet, those areas will need to be washed as well before starting the day. Women should be aware of the fact that it is necessary to cleanse the face prior to applying foundation. Step Four: Weekly Applications And the final difference that is inherent in understanding how to use Drysol is that it only needs to be applied initially 1 to 3 nights and then once or twice weekly thereafter. Many consumers have reported that they achieved desirable results after only the first application, while others needed the next night or two. Every person reacts differently but all reports are extremely positive in regards to just how effective Drysol is. Although Drysol isn’t an antiperspirant in the traditional sense, it is more effective in treating hyperhydrosis. It is simply a matter of learning how to use Drysol, and then results are almost guaranteed. When used as directed, Drysol is found to be effective at treating even the severest of cases, and the results are long lasting with continued use.