safety of drysol ingredients

Is Drysol Safe

Trying new products can be a bit frightening if they aren’t understood in terms of safety, especially when some products are known to cause harmful reactions or side effects. Because Drysol is being touted as the number one product of its type on the market today, many people would like to try it to see if it can really help to eliminate excessive sweating with just a couple of weekly applications. If it does work as it is supposed to do, then is Drysol safe? That should be the next question, and it has a pretty straightforward answer if seen in terms of the active ingredients, clinical findings, doctor recommendations and consumer reports. Safety of Drysol Ingredients Actually, there is only one key active ingredient in Drysol which is Aluminum Chloride in a base of alcohol for stability. Alcohol is also a wonderful antibacterial and astringent which provides added dimension to Drysol, which has no known side effects associated with it. There is a potential for a slight tingling or burning sensation, but that is no different than what may be experienced with deodorants/antiperspirants. Clinical Findings on Drysol Ingredients However, unlike antiperspirants, Drysol does not just mask wetness and odor under the arms. It works by blocking the sympathetic nervous system from triggering an increased secretion of sweat. While the exact biological mechanics behind this glitch in the system is still unclear, clinical findings substantiate the fact that Drysol works to prevent this from happening. Also, during clinical analysis, no side effects were evidenced other than the slight tingling sensation that can be expected. Doctor’s Recommendation and Safety Other than Drysol, the only treatment that has proven effective for treating hyperhydrosis is endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, which is a surgical procedure. Doctors often recommend Drysol as a viable alternative to invasive surgery and they have not reported any side effects associated with their prescriptions. But, if further proof is required in answering the question, “Is Drysol Safe?” then the next step would be to investigate what consumers are saying about it. Consumer’s Reviews on Safety of Drysol Ingredients Although customer reviews are not specifically answering the question, “Is Drysol safe?” they will reveal whether or not consumers have reported any side effects or adverse reactions. There are a great number of customer reviews online that rank Drysol from good to great. No one has reported any serious side effects or adverse reactions when using Drysol as directed. As a matter of fact, many have reported that they were amazed at the absence of side effects considering how effective it is in treating profuse perspiration. Even though a product can be proven to be effective, it is always wise to ask whether or not it is safe and free from side effects. Is Drysol safe? Based on professional and consumer findings, the consensus is that Drysol is just as safe as it is effective. However, it is always recommended that pregnant or lactating mothers consult their doctors prior to using any products, and people with severe allergies may want to talk to their doctors as well.